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Positive Dog Training Academy, based in Dorking.
Classes are held at Ockley Village Hall.

Positive reinforcement, reward based, intimidation free
Puppy training and Adolescent Dog training

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Clare’s puppy training and adolescent dog classes are welcoming, fun, friendly and informative. Leave with confidence, peace of mind and a whole new set of everyday life skills. 

Puppy Training and
Life Skills

Our fun, welcoming and friendly puppy training classes are suitable for puppies 5 months and under.

Dog Training

Suitable for dogs from 5 months, who have had little or no training.

Scent Work

Scent work or Nose work is suitable for all ages and breeds of dog.

Antonia Farino

Therapy dog in training. Jimmy is also a rescue dog. He is training with the wonderful Claire Murdoch at the Positive Dog Training Academy. Claire uses positive reinforcement and intimidation free methods of training. Jimmy loves his sessions and is always keen to learn new skills.

What Is Positive Reinforcement Training?

Positive reinforcement training methods are the most ethical and effective way to train your puppy or dog. The idea is to focus on the things that you would like to see more of (desirable behaviours) and reward your dog for showing them. You can use treats, toys,...

Loose Lead Training

Does your dog pull on the lead? Imagine going out for a walk and enjoying your dog being on the lead. Putting some time and effort into loose lead training, will stop your dog pulling on the lead, making it a far more enjoyable experience for both of you. You can...

R Deegan

Claire is an excellent dog trainer and her classes are fantastic. Our sprocker joined her puppy classes and she loved them. We learnt lots of techniques and skills that we now use to help build confidence and impulse control. We went as a family and found the classes...

Gina Bowie

We have used Martin and Claire for four years now. Our dog Bertie has been going to them since he was a puppy. He has grown into a very confident, loveable dog who absolutely loves both of them and is so happy to spend the day with them. He has become very sociable...

Shivina Sharp

Claire has been a fantastic support and source of knowledge with our golden retriever. All of the puppy classes helped us to not only train our pup but train us in how to handle different scenarios. Claire is always on hand to help with queries and provide further...

Featured Puppy & Dog Training Courses

Puppy Training & Life Skills

Puppy Training & Life Skills

Suitable for puppies 5 months and under, if older than 5 months please see our adolescent course.

adolescent dog training

Adolescent Dog Training

Suitable for dogs from 5 months, who have had little or no training. If younger than 5 months, please see our Puppy Training course.

One to One Dog Training

1:1 Training

One to one or private hour long sessions are available, please contact me for details.

Scent Work or Nose Work

Scent Work

Scent work or Nose work is suitable for all ages and breeds.

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